Do you want to reclaim, or perhaps discover, who you are and what brings you pleasure in life? Therapy can help.

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Whether you are seeking help with relationship concerns, depression, anxiety, family conflict, a lack of direction, feelings of emptiness, or other difficulties, I will work with you to provide perspective on the concerns that are bringing you to therapy. I provide support and, when needed, challenge to assist my clients in creating a more enjoyable and meaningful life.

An important part of our work together involves exploring what obstacles, both internal and external, are preventing you from moving forward. My role in this process is an active—but not directive—one. I use targeted questions to help you identify patterns, make connections, uncover unhelpful or unproductive ways of thinking about oneself and the world, and highlight areas of strength. As this process of uncovering develops, you can increasingly recognize and make informed decisions about patterns of behavior that may no longer be serving you. Empowered with this new self-awareness, you can start to feel a greater sense of freedom and authenticity in your relationships—both with yourself and others—and more resilient, less overwhelmed by emotions and circumstances.

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